Hurricane Center Reports Harvey Could Bring Dangerous Rainfalls in Texas

Now, Texas is having traffic congestion on the highways because many residents are evacuating the area and heading towards the north. Hurricane Harvey is coming to Texas and it is expected to bring a large amount of rain.

The hurricane storm may be accompanied with up to 35 inches of rain and cause flooding in many places in Texas. The National Weather Service reports that Harvey has recently been intensified to a Category 2 storm and the wind has reached a maximum speed of 100 mph.

When the news reported that Harvey is intensified on Thursday, many residents have started to discuss whether they should leave or remain in their home. Many residents who choose to stay have already get ready their home against the hurricane such as stocking up supplies, board up windows and pilling up sandbags to block flood water from entering their homes.

Harvey is intensifying at a fast rate and it will soon upgrade to a Category 3 hurricane at the Texas coast which is a hurricane with the wind that can travel at a minimum speed of 111 mph. It is expected that Harvey can arrive on Texas coast on late Friday and early Saturday. The storm will pour down heavy rain all over Texas after it impacts the Houston region.

Mayor Joe McComb has already made an announcement that urge the residents to evacuate. The voluntary evacuation order has caused supermarket stores to run out of stock of supplies. The city has canceled the handing out of dockets and supply self-serve sandbags instead.

Hurricane Harvey is strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico and meteorologist forecast that it is possible that it will bring a big flood to Texas.

According to the National Weather Service, Harvey will bring a number of dangers including heavy rain, and rising of the sea level. Texas coast will be most affected by the hurricane storm when it arrives on Friday.

John Cangialosi, a hurricane specialist, told the reporters on Thursday afternoon that the storm can also affect areas that are located far away from the coast.

He advised the residents to pay attention to what the local authorities said instead of avoiding the area where the hurricane will arrive on the coast. He told the people to be prepared for heavy rain that will continue until next week.

Tom Sater, a meterologist for CNN, said it looks like the local authorities will have to send out the emergency team a lot in Texas.

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