When should small business owners consider outsourcing their PPC to 3rd party marketing companies

If you are a CEO of a small business, you know that time is your most valuable commodity. In today’s world, marketing is rapidly shifting from analogue to digital. With that being said, small businesses have recognized this in their marketing strategies and have adapted to this shifting trend. Small businesses have invested in various Internet marketing strategies, with PPC being one of the most popular strategies. PPC requires someone to continuously monitor and track your customer response rates and measure the success of your marketing campaigns in real time, which can be extremely time consuming. The question for small business owners now yields to this; is your Internet marketing taking too much time to manage in-house? If the answer is “yes”, then small businesses should consider outsourcing.

Small business owners have struggled with the decision of whether or not to outsource their Internet marketing to 3rd party vendors for quite some time. Reality is, whether you have a staff of five or five hundred, handing over your marketing tasks to 3rd parties frees up time across your whole business, especially with PPC.

We reached out to Don with High Level Marketing, a company that specializes in helping small business owners with digital marketing services to get some additional tips. “PPC can get extremely complicated, with a vast array of options of which form of advertising to take that an in-house employee may or may not have the experience for. The amount of work required to properly research and optimize a campaign is underestimated and ongoing management is essential, an issue small businesses are facing”. Our key takeaway, is that PPC invariably grows more and more complex, and if you are small business starting to manage larger campaigns and are running out of time to keep up, you should consider outsourcing.

Another good article posted on Forbes, highlights why outsourcing to 3rd parties not only will free up your time, but 3rd parties will be able to use economies of scale and specialized tools that may not be readily available elsewhere that will maximize your ROI. You will be outsourcing to a 3rd party who has declared PPC as their discipline, leaving you with the comfort that your campaigns are in the hands of a highly trained expert, something small businesses tend to lack.

Not only will outsourcing save you time, but it will save you money. If the cost of keeping a team or individual monitoring your campaigns exceeds the cost of outsourcing, then the question of whether or not to outsource is a no brainer.

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