The Trail Of Destruction Left Behind By Hurricane Matthew

The extremely destructive storm, Hurricane Matthew, has seen seven people killed, with four of the dead being from the Dominican Republic. The four people died when a house they were in collapsed on them. Some of those who were killed were people who were out on sea, most of them being fishermen. A lot of people have been reported missing with fears that the death toll numbers could rise even as the storm continues to make its ways through several countries.

One of those countries that have been hard hit is Haiti, which is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake, which saw 200, 000 people killed. Another 10, 000 people died as a result of a cholera outbreak that soon followed the earthquake. President Jocelerme Privert, the Interim President of Haiti told news reporters that most of those who were killed were people who chose to ignore the warnings and alerts that were put out by officials.

Most of the people in this country were reluctant to leave their homes, with most of them saying that they have put their trust in God to protect them through the storm, with some residents choosing to take shelter in churches. Some of the residents are reluctant to leave their dwellings, in the fear that the little they have could be stolen when they are away. Over 300, 000 shelters have already been set up in Haiti, where people can safely take cover as they wait out the storm.

However, the director of Catholic Relief Services for Les Cayes, Haiti, Fonie Pierre, told news reporters that after the storm started, a lot of people started calling for help but it is currently too late to assist them as it is hard to go and evacuate them given the breakdown in communication and flooded roads.

In most cases, hurricanes slow down once they bump into land, but this has not been the case with Hurricane Matthew, whose winds only dipped to 125km/h when it hit land. This still made it a dangerous category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Matthew is one of the most powerful hurricanes that have been seen in this part of the world since hurricane Felix in 2007.

As the storm moved through the Caribbean, one man is reported to have died in Colombia and a man died in St. Vincent, when a boulder broke lose as a result of the flooding and landslides and crushed him to death.
Most people have to stay indoors as it is dangerous to venture outside due to the strong winds, floods and trees that were breaking as the storms rages on.

Over 1 million people were evacuated in Cuba, with special emphasis being placed on people who lived along the Coastal areas. Emergency personnel have been dispatched and supplies stocked in preparation of people who may have to use the shelters. Cuba has experienced major flooding along the coastal areas, mainly affecting 3 towns along Sierra Maestras.

Florida is now in the crosshairs for this deadly storm that could cause millions of dollars in damages. Many disaster repair companies were making last minute pushes to board up properties and help with last minute preparations.

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